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Gallery Lectures


I give lectures at my gallery in Tzfat for groups. I use my art to introduce the Kabbalah and Jewish Meditation.

I speak to many different kinds of groups from all over the world - birthright groups, synagogue groups, family groups, visiting yeshivot, seminaries, inter-faith groups, groups of teachers, student groups, etc. - in both English and Hebrew.

Many tour guides and companies that provide educational tours of Israel bring their groups to my gallery to experience a lucid and enjoyable presentation that provides people with insight into why the Tzfat Kabbalistic Tradition has had such a profound influence on Judaism, and why Kabbalah has become so popular in recent years.


There are chairs for 50 people and air-conditioning.

It is good to book groups in advance. This can be done by emailing me ( or by calling (outside of Israel: 972 4 6972702; or in Israel: 04 6972702; or my cell: 054 2027832).

Visiting my gallery is free of charge, but I do charge a fee of 300 shekels per group for a lecture that is 30 - 45 minutes long (depending on the schedule of the visiting group).  I encourage questions and comments, and artwork is available for purchasing after the lecture.  I don’t charge birthright groups.