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Yin-Yang Aleph

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See the Hebrew letter Aleph in this picture?  Do you see the Chinese Yin-Yang symbol here as well?  Both symbols represent the unification of opposites:

Heaven and Earth, Hot and Cold, Masculine and Feminine, Outside and Inside, Chesed and Gevurah, etc.

Both symbols show how Life is always dynamically balancing between both.  On the South Korean flag the Yin-Yang symbol appears in red and blue like in this pictures.   I have made several pictures with this motif.

Some people also see two fish here.  The small circles in green and orange are their eyes.  Two fish like this is the symbol for Pisces, which in Kabbalistic astrology is the month of Adar אדר.  Adar begins with the letter Aleph.   My Hebrew birthday is Aleph Adar Aleph (In a leap year there are two Adars - Aleph and Bet - I was born in a leap year. 

May full Hebrew name is Asher Anshel David אשר אנשל דוד and thus my first two Hebrew names begin with the letter Aleph.  Maybe that is why I made so many pictures with the letter Adar....