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The Wheel of Life

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The fractal trees in this poster represent the Ten Sefirot of the kabbalistic Tree of Life.  Each tree has three branches that then branch and into three smaller branches - a total of nine, and with the trunk of the tree, ten.  Fractals are forms that are self-similar on different scales.  How many trees are here?  There are eighteen complete trees in the three larger wheels. Eighteen is the gematria (number value) of the Hebrew word for Life Chai חי.

But there are even smaller wheels containing smaller trees hinting that this fractal process of reproduction and self-similarity can be continued endlessly inward.  Notice also that there is also a suggestion of even larger trees continuing endlessly outward.
You can also see this picture as the cross-section of just one tree, and the wheels are like the tree-rings that tell the history of the tree.  The three wheels seen here can represent the three generations of Life that we are primarily embedded in - grandparents, parents and children.  The Ten Sefirot that comprise the Tree of Life is the source of all the generations of Souls that unfold in Time and Space, but we can only know a small 'slice' of this ‘Tree’ in any generation.
The Kabbalah helps us get a glimpse of a larger slice of Time and Space.  That is why it includes a belief in reincarnation and an Eternal World to Come. The older we get, we also know more of Life from the inside.  At first I was only a child, then I became and parent and now I am a grandparent.  The  Hebrew word for wheel גלגל (galgal) is similar to the word for reincarnation גילגול (gilgul) and the word for age גיל (gil).