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A Tree Of Life For Those Who Hold It

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The above words from Proverbs 3:18 are written in the grey Hebrew letters around the circle.  The Kabbalah is associated with the Tree of Life.  It teaches us how to connect to our souls and thus live forever.
The two fiery figures in this picture represent the 2nd Century kabbalist Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai; and the 16th Century kabbalist Rabbi Isaac Luria. 
Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai is also known as the Rashbi, and his mystical teachings are presented in the Zohar, the most famous text of the Kabbalah.  The Rashbi is buried in Meron - which can be seen on the right of this tree. 
Rabbi Isaac Luria is also known as the Ari, and his mystical teachings are called Lurianic Kabbalah after his name.  The Ari is buried Safed - which can be seen to the left of the Tree. 
The aqua-colored symbol on the trunk of the Tree is also called the Tree of Life and is the most famous symbol of the Kabbalah. 
The branches of the Tree form a menorah with seven small flames.  These are included in the large eighth flame.  Seven represents Time and Space; whereas Eight represents Eternity and Infinity. 
This picture is roughly based on a Grateful Dead album cover.