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Tree of Life

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Life is a dynamic process of balancing between extremes - between hot and cold, between activity and rest, between expanding outward and contracting inward. When it's cold, we seek Fire to warm ourselves up.  When it's hot, we look for Water to cool ourselves down.

The lower half of this picture shows the root system of a Tree, resting in the cool, wet Earth.
The upper half shows the flowering branches of this tree, which reach out into the warm Air, gathering energy from the sun.
This Tree has nine flowers which represent the upper nine Sefirot of the kabbalistic Tree of Life:

The three flowers on the right are blue because it is the side of Chesed (Lovingkindness) associated with Water. 

The three flowers on the left are red because it is the side of Din (Judgment) associated with Fire. 

The three flowers in the middle column are yellow because it represents the dynamic balancing between Chesed and Din which the kabbalists call Rachamim (Compassion) associated with Air and Light. 

It says in Genesis that one who eats from the Tree of Life lives forever.   The teachings and practices of the Kabbalah help us return to the path of the Tree of Life.  It helps us be more aware of the fact that with each Breath we breathe in and out, it is possible to ‘taste’ the Eternal and appreciate how all of Life is One.  
The circular root-system of the Tree in this picture represents the tenth (Feminine) Sefirah, Malchut, the root of all created things.  All Life receives its Nature from the Past - its 'roots'. 

The vertical columns of flowers represent our freewill and choice.  How we choose to Nurture our Nature and 'seed' a better Future for ourselves and our world by acting with the proper balance of Love, Judgment and Compassion - associated with the nine (Masculine) Sefirot of the Tree of Life.

The squares, triangles and circles in this picture represent the Three Mother letter Mem ם, Shin ש and Aleph א.  (See the description of my picture 'Primary Letters' for more about the primary shapes, colors and sounds of these Three Mother Letters. )