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Transcending and Including

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Fractals are forms that are self-similar on different scales - like the nine-branched trees in this picture.  Notice how the branches of each fractal tree are similar to the shape of the Hebrew letter ש  Shin. The letter Shin, which is comprised of three vertical lines, represents Fire, which moves upward, or ‘transcendence’.
Transcendence has to do with growth and evolution.  Look at the smallest tree in this picture, and see how it is just a 'baby' sapling. As it grows, it transcends its previous limitations and becomes twice as large as it was.
As this tree continues to mature, it transcends its limitations and grows twice its size again.  As it grows further, it transcends itself again, and again, and again.  But notice that all of the previous stages of development are included in the composite structure of the largest tree.
This is also true of human beings. As we grow and evolve in consciousness from egocentric Chaos (in the first two millennia of Time) to ethnocentric Torah (in the third and fourth millennia of Time) to world-centric Messianic awareness (at the end of the sixth millennium of Time, see my picture ‘A Tapestry of Holy Names), we should transcend the limitations of the previous levels of being, and we should always include these less-inclusive states of being in the composite nature of our fully mature and integrated kosmic consciousness.