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Thirteen Sefirot

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There are several different forms of the Tree of Life diagram that is used in the Kabbalah to represent the Sefirot.  I use several of these forms in the various picture that I make.  In the Lurianic tradition, Daat is not included as one of the Ten Sefirot because Daat is the ‘outside’ of Keter and the ‘inside’ of Tiferet.  In these diagrams Malchut is fallen, as I explained in my picture ‘Ten Sefirot of Nothingness’. 
I have several pictures where Daat is included and even focused upon because if its importance as the interface between mind and body, for example, ‘One Together’.  The Tree of Life diagram in this picture has Thirteen Sefirot.  Notice how the Daat and the two Sefirot on the lower right and left are slightly different than the other ten Sefirot.  These are the additional three Sefirot because when the connection between our mind and body (Daat) will be complete and full, Malchut, associated with the physical realm (Earth) will also be fully repaired and whole. 
Even the lowest World of Asiyah (related to the physical body) will express God’s Oneness as fully as the upper three Worlds of Yetzirah (related to the heart) Beriyah (related to the mind) and Atzilut (related to the soul).  Notice how in this pictures there are four horizontal lines connecting the Sefirot  - this represents a full expression of Oneness in all four Worlds.
In the Lurianic Kabbalah, the primordial Sefirot of the World of Chaos shattered, and fell because of a lack of Daat.  This is the cause of all chaos and damage that exists in the world throughout the Six Millennia of Time, also known as the World of Tikkun (or the Four Worlds referred to above).  Only the seven lower Sefirot of the World of Chaos broke; the three higher Sefirot were able to hold the light and remain. 
However, the Ten Sefirot of the World of Tikkun (Atzilut) are made by repairing and resurrecting the broken seven alone.  The higher three Sefirot of the Primordial World of Chaos - who were able to hold the light that shattered the lower seven - remain hidden until all the damage caused by our lack of Daat is completely repaired.  Then these three higher Sefirot will be added to the ten of the World of Tikkun, and the lack that was mostly felt on the lowest level associated with Malchut (Shechinah, Earth) with be filled - and the Tree of Life will have Thirteen Sefirot instead of Ten. 
This is hinted at in the following verses (Isaiah 11:9), ‘They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, for the Earth shall be full of the Knowledge of God, as the waters cover the sea’; and (Zachariah 14:9), ‘And God’s Kingdom will be upon all the Earth, on that day God will be One and His Name One’.  The gematria (number value) of the Hebrew word for One (Echad) is thirteen.