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This is an abstract painting I made, acrylic on paper.   I call it Supernova because of the explosion of warm colors away from the cool center.  Here is a quote from a scientific website:  

"Supernovae are exploding stars. They represent the very final stages of evolution for some stars. Supernovae explosions release tremendous amounts of energy, about 1020 times as our Sun releases every second. Our Sun, fortunately, will not end its life as a supernova.

Currently, supernovae are only seen in galaxies other than the Milky Way. We know that supernovae have occurred in our Galaxy in the past, since both Tycho Brahe and his protege, Johannes Kepler, discovered bright supernovae occurring in the Milky Way in 1572 and 1604, respectively. However, no supernova has been seen in our Galaxy since Kepler's."

Rabbi Isaac Luria was in Safed in 1572, and would have seen this huge light appear in the sky.  I wonder if he and the Safed kabbalists of that time were inspired by this spectacular celestial event to reveal the light of the Kabbalah to the world, as it says at the end of the Book of Daniel, "And the enlightened ones will radiate like the radiance of the firmament, and those who bring many to righteousness like stars forever more".