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Straight Into the Round

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Here is another colorful version I made of the Sefirotic Tree of Life.  In the Lurianic Kabbalistic tradition the straight lines of the Tree - particularly the three straight vertical columns - represent our ability to choose good from evil; or to act with mercy (associated with the right column), with judgment (associated with the left column), or compassion (a blend of the two associated with the middle column).  This 'Straight' aspect is the deeper and more profound aspect of our being and of our relationship with the Divine, and it is grounded in our nature - represented by the Sefirot as 'round' and concentric.  In the lower part of this picture there are 'round' circles  surrounding the lowest Sefirah Malkhut because she is the Divine Ground of being and the source of our natures as well.  The Ramchal (Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto) associates the 'straight' Sefirot with Individual Providence whereby God responds according to what we humans choose.  He associates the 'round' Sefirot with General Providence whereby God bestows all creations their nature.  See also the explanation of my Tree of Life picture.