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Aleph: 2 Yods, 2 Hehs and 2 Wows

The shape of the letter Aleph is comprised of an upper part (actually a Hebrew letter Yod); a lower part (an upside-down Yod; and a diagonal part (actually a Hebrew letter Vav or Wow, which means ‘and’).   The diagonal Wow unites the two Yods and makes them One (the numerical value of Aleph).

Waves and Particles

The Sefirot are often described as emanations of God’s Infinite Light.  The Hebrew word for ‘light’ starts with the letter Aleph.  Kabbalists believe that God is One and can be found both in the Heavens and upon the Earth (God is both transcendent and immanent). 

Primary Sounds (version 1)

In this picture you can see the Three Mother Letters of Sefer Yetzirah:

See the large Hebrew letter Aleph א?

Now look at the yellow diagonal line.  It can be seen as the Hebrew letter Vav pronounced Wow.  It can also be seen as the numeral One.  The Wow of this Aleph balances and united the red Shin ש the blue final Mem ם. 

One Together

The Ten Sefirot (Spheres of Being) that are discussed in the Kabbalah are often represented by the symbol that can be seen in this picture.  This symbol is called the Tree of Life.  It is comprised of circles or wheels that are joined together by a network of lines.  The Tree of Life represents the human form as a reflection of the entire universe.  The upper three circles (Sefirot) represent our head (or the Heavens).  The lower four Sefirot represent our lower body (or the Earth).  The middle three Sefirot represent our upper body (or the Atmosphere).  The


The first Hebrew letter - Aleph - represents the unification of opposites.   At the end of the Passover Seder there is the song, ‘Who Knows One?’  The answer, ‘I know One, One is our God who is in the Heavens and the Earth’.  This means that God can be found both outside of ourselves (in the Heavens) and inside of ourselves (and the Earth).