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Axis, Cycle and Heart

In Sefer Yetzirah, the ‘King’ of Space is said to be the Axis (Teli תלי), the imaginary line that the universe revolves upon.  This is represented in this picture by the blue ‘line’ in this picture.

The ‘King’ of Time is the Cycle (Galgal גלגל) because we relate to time as cyclical.  This is represented by the red ‘circle’ in this picture.

The Seven Days of Creation

In this picture, one large brown circle contains six smaller circles that represent the Six Days of Creation according to Genesis.  The brown circle in its center represents the Seventh Day of Creation - Shabbat.  Notice that this picture is fractal or holographic.  If you zoom out you can see that this large brown circle itself is the center of an even larger cycle in which only a small part of its upper yellow circle and a small part of its lower purple circle can be seen.  And if you zoom in you can see smaller cycles of seven as well.  Zoom out and appreci

A Tapestry of Holy Names

The Torah states that God created Adam in His own Image, in His own Likeness.   However, since we believe that God has no image or likeness, kabbalists say that God makes Himself known to us in our likeness by ‘clothing’ Himself in the Ten Sefirot of Adam Kadmon

The 18th Century kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (known as the Ramchal) explains in the following passage, that Adam Kadmon is associated with the four letters of the Name of God YHWH