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Star of David

Geometric #11

I made this picture on Israel Independence Day.  That's why it is basically blue and white - the colors of the Israel flag.  I added a bit of orange to give some contrast to the blue.

The Star of David that can be seen in this painting is also on the Israeli flag.  I used various geometric patterns in this painting as well.   On the same day I painted Aleph #19 as well using the same colors.

Acrylic on paper
36 x 32 cm

Geometric Play with Fives and Sixes

I am particularly fond and proud of this painting.  This one was made using simple tools at first - protractor and ruler - so the geometry here is more precise, but not perfect, and the feeling of three-dimensionality is pretty strong.  The image is basically divided into nine sections - hinting at the first nine Sefirot.  Notice how some of these sections are hexagons with six-pointed stars (hexagrams); and some are pentagons with five-pointed stars (pentagrams).  This motif hints at the Sefirot (three by three) with the fractal repetition within each section expressing th

The Holy Palace

The Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Creation) teaches the mysteries of the Twenty-two Hebrew letters.  The alphabet is presented there as three groups of letters.  One group is called the Three Mothers.  The second group is called the Seven Doubles.  The third group is called the Twelve Elementals. 

Psalm 107

The text of this Psalm is written in this picture in 26 circles that form a mandala, a circular design that can be used in meditation.  This picture changes like a kaleidoscope the longer one gazes at it.  The text begins with the circle in the center, moves counter-clockwise around six circles four times; and then concludes with the large circle on the outside.