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The Five Levels of Soul

This picture has the Hebrew names of the five levels of soul as taught by the Kabbalah.  From top to bottom it says:  Yechidah (unique essence), Chaya (living essence), HaNeshama (the higher soul), Ruach (spirit), and Nefesh (lower soul).  The words are slanted because they form a letter Aleph where the two highest levels are the upper Yod; the two lowest levels are the lower Yod; and the middle level is Vav (or Wow). 

Axis, Cycle and Heart

In Sefer Yetzirah, the ‘King’ of Space is said to be the Axis (Teli תלי), the imaginary line that the universe revolves upon.  This is represented in this picture by the blue ‘line’ in this picture.

The ‘King’ of Time is the Cycle (Galgal גלגל) because we relate to time as cyclical.  This is represented by the red ‘circle’ in this picture.