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Infinite Aleph #4

Yin-Yang Aleph

See the Hebrew letter Aleph in this picture?  Do you see the Chinese Yin-Yang symbol here as well?  Both symbols represent the unification of opposites:

Heaven and Earth, Hot and Cold, Masculine and Feminine, Outside and Inside, Chesed and Gevurah, etc.

Waves and Particles

The Sefirot are often described as emanations of God’s Infinite Light.  The Hebrew word for ‘light’ starts with the letter Aleph.  Kabbalists believe that God is One and can be found both in the Heavens and upon the Earth (God is both transcendent and immanent). 

Thirteen Sefirot

There are several different forms of the Tree of Life diagram that is used in the Kabbalah to represent the Sefirot.  I use several of these forms in the various picture that I make.  In the Lurianic tradition, Daat is not included as one of the Ten Sefirot because Daat is the ‘outside’ of Keter and the ‘inside’ of Tiferet.  In these diagrams Malchut is fallen, as I explained in my picture ‘Ten Sefirot of Nothingness’. 

Aleph Sunrise

The sun and the sea in this picture tell us that the Heavens and the Earth are One - the gematria (number value) of the first Hebrew letter Aleph א.  Do you see this letter Aleph in the circle here?
This scene can either be a sunrise or sunset, but we know that it is not the sun rising or setting, it is the earth spinning relative to the sun. 

One Together

The Ten Sefirot (Spheres of Being) that are discussed in the Kabbalah are often represented by the symbol that can be seen in this picture.  This symbol is called the Tree of Life.  It is comprised of circles or wheels that are joined together by a network of lines.  The Tree of Life represents the human form as a reflection of the entire universe.  The upper three circles (Sefirot) represent our head (or the Heavens).  The lower four Sefirot represent our lower body (or the Earth).  The middle three Sefirot represent our upper body (or the Atmosphere).  The

Meditating on a Burning Lamp

A common meditative technique in the Kabbalah is to contemplate the flame of a burning lamp.  Our soul is likened to the energy of the flame whereas our body is like the material candle or the oil being consumed by the flame.  When we are born it is as if our body begins to be lit by our soul which continues to burn until our soul ascends to Heaven when we die.  From Sefer Yetzirah:

"Ten Sefirot of Nothingness:
Their end is embedded in their beginning
and their beginning is embedded in their end

Meditating on the Holy Name

This picture shows a woman sitting in meditation.  She is practicing an ancient Jewish meditative technique where one visualizes the four letters of the Holy Name of God (YHWH) in the mind’s eye.  This Name is the most important and powerful Name in the Kabbalah as its four letters represent all Ten Sefirot. 

Infinite Aleph

Infinite Eight

Numbers are an important part of the Kabbalah.  Seven is used to represent time and space.  This can be seen in my pictures ‘The Seven Days of Creation’ and ‘The Holy Palace’.  Eight represents beyond time and space - the realm of the Infinite and the Eternal - the realm of miracles and the supernatural.