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This is a new painting that looks like something one might see under a microscope.  Thus the title - Microkosmic.  To me it looks like cells that have a fractal nature - self-similar but in different sizes.  Some of the cells also contain several smaller self-similar cells.  This painting has a happy feeling for me and seems to be 'dancing' with vibrant life.

Fractal Aleph

I was thinking of the diagonal Wow (or Vav) of the Aleph as the Tree of Life because Vav is the letter that unites - and that is the nature of Life - uniting parts and forming greater wholes.  So I got the idea to make an Aleph out of three Vavs (Wows) instead of two Yods and a Vav.  The gematria of the letter Vav is six.  Three times six is eighteen - the gematria of חי (Chai) - the Hebrew word for 'alive'.