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four worlds

Thirteen Sefirot

There are several different forms of the Tree of Life diagram that is used in the Kabbalah to represent the Sefirot.  I use several of these forms in the various picture that I make.  In the Lurianic tradition, Daat is not included as one of the Ten Sefirot because Daat is the ‘outside’ of Keter and the ‘inside’ of Tiferet.  In these diagrams Malchut is fallen, as I explained in my picture ‘Ten Sefirot of Nothingness’. 

The Seed of Creation

The white in this picture represents Ein Sof - the Infinite and Eternal Light of the God.  The dark sphere represents the seed of Creation, the place formed by the Tzimtzum (the contraction of the Ein Sof) that contains all Worlds.  The Tzimtzum is an act of Gevurah (Strength), a withdrawing of the Infinite Light in order to create a finite realm.  It is thus associated with the Five Gevurot - the five Hebrew letters that change their form when they appear at the end of a word - Mem ם, Nun ן, Tzadi ץ, Peh ף and K

Orchard of the Torah

The Torah is sometimes called an orchard. 
In Hebrew this is פרדס Pardess.  
Like an orchard, the deeper one enters into it,
the sweeter the fruit. 

Four levels of Torah knowledge
(that correspond to Four Worlds) are depicted here
in four concentric rings. 

These are hinted at in
the four Hebrew letters of the word .פרדס