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Flower Sefirot

I used flowers to represent the Sefirot in this Tree of Life.  The strong diagonal in this picture hints at the diagonal Wow or Vav in the first Hebrew letter - Aleph  א- whose gematria is one - and which represents the One hidden in the Many.   Although an Aleph cannot be seen in this picture, its presence can be felt in this ‘Slanted Sefirot’ motif where the red higher Sefirot hint at the Heavens and the blue lower Sefirot hint at Earth.

Field of Flowers

This picture is one of a series of imaginary landscapes that I have been painting.  It was executed with many layers of watered-down acrylic paint on paper.  I have been working more with acrylic than in the past when I mostly worked with transparent and opaque watercolors, and pen and ink.  There are no hidden kabbalistic letters or symbols in this picture.  I just enjoyed using my imagination in order to create a nice, pleasant space.