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Geometric #8

Although the Jewish Star is the six-pointed Star of David, the five-pointed pentagon, which this painting is based on, has interesting connections to Judaism and Kabbalah as well.  There are Five Books of Moses; Five Loves and Five Strengths (see the explanation of my picture Sefirot Number Ten); Five Partzufim (see the explanation of my picture The Family Tree of Life).

Geometric Play with Fives and Sixes

I am particularly fond and proud of this painting.  This one was made using simple tools at first - protractor and ruler - so the geometry here is more precise, but not perfect, and the feeling of three-dimensionality is pretty strong.  The image is basically divided into nine sections - hinting at the first nine Sefirot.  Notice how some of these sections are hexagons with six-pointed stars (hexagrams); and some are pentagons with five-pointed stars (pentagrams).  This motif hints at the Sefirot (three by three) with the fractal repetition within each section expressing th