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Shin Mem and Aleph

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I made a poster version of this picture in the early 1990's which has sold out so I finally reproduced it and made it available as the high quality Giclee print.  The red Shin ש and the blue Mem מ boldly show their triangular and rectangular forms - Shin, the 21st Hebrew letter (2+1 = 3 sides of a triangle); Mem, the 13th Hebrew letter (1+3 = 4 sides of a rectangle).

The Shin, which stands for fire (aiSh in Hebrew), rises up like fire; the Mem, which stands for water (MayiM in Hebrew), flows downward like water.  These are the Two Opposites - as their sounds are the outward hissing of Shhh.... and the inward humming of Mmmm...

The yellow which surrounds them represents the first Hebrew letter Aleph א - which stands for a breath of air or light (the Hebrew words for light and air are virtually the same).  This is the One that includes the Two - as one breath of air inclues the two 'halves' of breath - the exhale and the inhale.  These three letters are known in the Sefer Yetzirah as the Three Mother letters and are the subject of many of my paintings.