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The Seven Days of Creation

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In this picture, one large brown circle contains six smaller circles that represent the Six Days of Creation according to Genesis.  The brown circle in its center represents the Seventh Day of Creation - Shabbat.  Notice that this picture is fractal or holographic.  If you zoom out you can see that this large brown circle itself is the center of an even larger cycle in which only a small part of its upper yellow circle and a small part of its lower purple circle can be seen.  And if you zoom in you can see smaller cycles of seven as well.  Zoom out and appreciate Eternity (or all of Time); zoom in and appreciate this present moment of Time.

In Judaism there are many cycles of seven in Time: Seven weeks of the Omer; seven years of the Sabbatical; seven Sabbaticals that make up the Jubilee, etc.  The total amount of Time that is given to Adam and his descendants to transform all Evil into Good is said to be six thousand years. 

After these six millennia comes the seventh millennium - a thousand years of Shabbat - the beginning of our Eternal Reward.  Here is how the Six Days of Creation relate to the Six Millennia of Time, and the evolution of Adam in historical Time according to the Jewish calendar. 

The picture can be seen in this manner based on Ramban’s commentary on Genesis Chapter 2:

Day 1:  Light and Dark.  The first millennium was when Adam lived and he was given the choice between Good and Evil represented by Light and Dark.
Day 2:  The Firmament that separates the upper and lower waters.  Noah lived during the second millennium when the world was flooded with water from above and from below.  Noah was sustained in the ark that floated between the two waters.

Day 3:  Dry Land and Plants.  Abraham was 52 years old when this third millennium began (he was born in the Hebrew year 1948).  His grandson Israel went down to Egypt and the nation of Israel were returned to the Land of Israel with the Torah - the Tree of Life - during these thousand years.

Day 4:  The Sun and The Moon.  The First and Second Temples stood in Jerusalem during the fourth millennium.  The First Temple is associated with the Sun and the light of prophecy that produced the Books of the Prophets; the Second Temple was on a lower level associated with the Moon and the Oral Tradition created during these thousand years.

Day 5:   Fish and Birds.  The Jewish people were exiled and uprooted from their Land during this fifth millennium.  They were scattered among the nations of the world and spent the entirety of this millennium in the Diaspora where we were often treated as vermin.
Day 6:  Animals and Adam.  During the first half of the sixth millennium the Jewish people were still in the night of the Exile associated with humanity’s lower, animal nature.  The unfolding of the Messianic fulfillment takes place during the second half of this millennium - when all Humanity will finally attain their higher, spiritual nature.

Day 7:  Shabbat that receives from all the other days, and blesses them.  The seventh millennium is associated with the End of Time.  In the experience of Eternity all moments of Time are experienced in each moment of Time, and we come to understand how all that took place in the six thousand years of Time was ultimately for the Good.