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Sefirot Number Ten

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In this picture I used the same slanted Tree of Life motif that I used in ‘One Together’ and ‘Waves and Particles’.  In those pictures I included Daat (Knowledge) as the eleventh circle or Sefirah.  Daat is the interface between the upper three Sefirot of the head and the lower seven Sefirot of the body.  It can be seen as consciousness itself.  Daat unites all ten Sefirot. 

In this picture, there are only ten Sefirot.  This shows another aspect of Daat.  The ten Sefirot can be divided into two halves - five Chasadim (Loves) and five Gevurot (Strengths) - also spoken of as Masculine and Feminine or Right and Left. 

From Sefer Yetzirah Chapter One:

Ten Sefirot of Nothingness are in the number of ten fingers
five opposite five.

See how in this picture there are five red circle opposite five blue circles?  The ten Sefirot are thus polarized with a dynamic tension leaning to the right and to the left as well as being balanced five above and five below.