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Sefer Yetzirah Motherboard

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I made a poster of this image in the early 1990's and it sold out.  So I'm finally making it available to people as the high-quality Giclee print on canvas.  Most of the concepts that are presented in Sefer Yetzirah appear in this image. 

The whole thing is One Name (YHVH) written vertically - Yod י (the 10th Hebrew letter) in blue at the top - surrounded by text from the first chapter of Sefer Yetzirah that deals with the 10 Sefirot.  See the translation of the text in the Teachings section of this website.  This Yod also represents Keter or the One Breath.

The light red Heh ה is next with text from the second chapter of Sefer Yetzirah that deals with the 22 Letters.  The Three Mother Letters - the subject of the third chapter - can be seen inside this red Heh in the primary colors.  Aleph א representing Daat or Two - Breath from Breath; Mem מ representing Chochmah or Three - Water from Breath; Shin ש representing Binah or Four - Fire from Water. (The associations of the Sefirot with Breath, Water from Breath, and Fire from Water are from the first chapter.)

The yellow surrounding the Aleph extends downward as the Vav ו in the Name and is surrounded by the Seven Double Letters (the subject of the fourth chapter) that represent the Seven Lower Sefirot:  Bet ב, Gimel ג and Dalet ד as Chesed, Gevurah and Tiferet (south north and east - from chapter one);  Kaf כ and Peh פ as Netzach and Hod (up and down). 

The Resh ר and the Tav ת as Yesod and Malkhut (west and 'here' - the holy palace) are inside the blue Heh ה of the Name surrounded by the Twelve Simple Letters (the subject of chapter five), which are arrayed in two vertical columns - six on the right from above to below - ה ו ז ח ט י ; and six on the left from below to above - ל נ ס ע צ ק.

All the 22 Letters show what they represent in Space, Time, and Spirit (Olam, Shana, and Nefesh).  The symbol I used for all the Time associations is a triangle; for all the Space associations I used a circle; and for all the Spirit associations I used a rectangle.  All the arrows point to related words or phrases which are marked with similar markings to show relationships between them and their associations with the four letters of the Holy Name.