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The Seed of Creation

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The white in this picture represents Ein Sof - the Infinite and Eternal Light of the God.  The dark sphere represents the seed of Creation, the place formed by the Tzimtzum (the contraction of the Ein Sof) that contains all Worlds.  The Tzimtzum is an act of Gevurah (Strength), a withdrawing of the Infinite Light in order to create a finite realm.  It is thus associated with the Five Gevurot - the five Hebrew letters that change their form when they appear at the end of a word - Mem ם, Nun ן, Tzadi ץ, Peh ף and Kaf ך.
Notice how the first two letters (Mem מ and Nun נ) are above the Hebrew word Malach מלך (reigned); the third letter (Tzadi צ) is above the word Melech מלך (reigns); and the last two letters (Peh פ and Kaf ך) are above the word Yimloch ימלך (will reign).  The gematria (number value) of the two letters Mem and Nun is 90, the same as the word Malach מלך; the gematria of the letter Tzadi is also 90, the same as the word Melech מלך; the gematria of the two letters Peh and Kaf is 100, the same as the word Yimloch ימלך. 
The Tzimtzum is associated with the lowest Sefirah, Malchut (Kingship), which makes lower levels of existence possible.  The purpose of creating a lower, finite,  temporal existence is so that we can become aware of the higher, Infinite, Eternal Existence that fills and surrounds all Worlds.  God reigned, God reigns and God will reign in all worlds forever and ever - because God is the place of the Universe - all Creation exists in the Ein Sof.  The Ein Sof is also in Creation, however, and this is represented in this picture by the white Sefirot penetrating into the ‘Seed of Creation’.
The brown surrounding these white Sefirot represents the World of Emanation (Atzilut); the red represents the World of Creation (Beriyah); the yellow represents the World of Formation (Yetzirah); the blue represents the World of Action (Asiyah); and the black represents the Shadow, which gives us the opportunity to choose Good and thereby transform Darkness into Light.