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Quote from ‘The Way of God’

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This picture is a quote from the 17th Century Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, also known as the Ramchal.  It is from his classic book, ‘The Way of God’.  It sums up for me the main point of Judaism, and spiritual practice and religious observance in general with fifty Hebrew words.  Here is my translation of these fifty words that can be found in Part 1, Chapter 4, Paragraph 6:
‘The Root of all religious observance and spiritual practice is for us to be constantly aware of God.  It should make us realize that we were created for the singular purpose of consciously experiencing the Creator.  Observance and practice should help us see that the only reason we were brought into the world is to use our spiritual powers to overcome our material attachments and limiting urges, and surrender ourselves to the Infinite One.  Religious observance and spiritual practice should direct our [wills, thoughts, feelings, words and] actions toward attaining this awareness so that we do not stray from it.’