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Partners in Creation

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There is a tradition that there are three partners in the creation of every human being:  A father who gives the white parts of the body; a mother who gives the red parts; and God who is present in the union of the two parents and gives our consciousness and our soul.  This picture is based on this tradition and on the Partzufim of the Lurianic Kabbalah.   It is related to my pictures ‘The Family Tree of Life’ and ‘Primary Letters Colors and Shapes’.
The whole picture can be seen as just one figure whose ‘head’ contains the Hebrew letter Aleph א.  This first letter of the alphabet represents God who is One - uniting the Heavens ‘and’ the Earth.  The red upper part of the Aleph represents Fire or the Heavens (which contain fiery stars); the lower blue part of the Aleph represents Water or the Earth (which is mostly water).  The yellow diagonal is like the Hebrew letter Vav ו (or Wow) the letter that connects because it means ‘and’.  In the Kabbalah Aleph is also associated with Air (Avir אויר).  The white surrounding this head is like a halo of light (or hair and beard) that represents God’s unconditional love.
The blue father and red mother in this picture are included in this halo of light.  They  can be seen as the arms of the large figure.  The head of the father contains a blue rectangular final letter Mem ם that represents Water (Mayim מים).  Water is associated with Chochmah (Wisdom) and Chesed (Loving-kindness) the right side of the Sefirotic Tree of Life.  The transparency of Water is sometimes called ‘white’ in the Kabbalah, thus the father gives the ‘white’ parts of the body.
The head of the mother contains a red triangular letter Shin ש that represents Fire (Aish אש).  Fire is associated with Binah (Understanding) and Gevurah (Strength) the left side of the Tree of Life.  Fire is often represented by the color red thus the mother gives the ‘red’ parts of the body.  Notice how the father and mother in this picture have another letter above their heads like a crown.  They are completed when they are united with each other so the father’s crown is a Shin ש; and the mother’s crown is a Mem ם.  As it says in Sefer Yetzirah, ‘Understand with Wisdom and be Wise with Understanding’.
The parents are united in the dark-haired son associated with Tiferet (Beauty or Harmony).  The contributions of both parents can be seen in his face.  The color yellow in his face and shirt show the influence of the One God (from the letter Aleph).  Between his hands is a daughter with a purple head associated with Malchut (Kingship).  She is the fourth figure in this picture like the rectangle in her head - a four-sided shape.  Her garments are dark earth-tones because she represents the fourth element Earth or Ground.  She nurtures all the lower worlds represented by the small child between her hands.