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Nefesh, Ruach, Neshamah

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The Kabbalah teaches various associations between parts of the soul and our body’s organs.  In several places the Tikunai Zohar relates the lowest part of the soul - Nefesh (Lower Soul) - to our heart and its hot passions.  The Hebrew word Nefesh נפש is written on the red heart in this picture surrounded by triangular letter Shins that represent Fire.

The Tikunai Zohar relates the next higher part of the soul - Ruach (Spirit) - to our lungs and how they rise and fall with our breath.  The Hebrew word Ruach רוח is written on the yellow lungs in this picture surrounded by round letter Alephs that represent Air.

The next higher part of the soul - Neshamah (Higher Soul) - relates to the brain and its cool reason.  The Hebrew word Neshamah נשמה is written on the blue brain in this picture surrounded by rectangular letter Mems that represent Water. 

The Tikunai Zohar teaches that if not for the Breath of our lungs that goes up and brings down the cool waters of reason from from our brain, the fiery passions of our heart would consume our entire body.