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The Name, Sefirot and Partzufim

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This slanted Tree of Life diagram has the connecting lines extending outward in all directions, as in my picture Slanted Sefirot #6

The choice of colors for the Sefirot here is based on how the ten Sefirot become five Partzufim.  Each of the three higher Sefirot, Keter (white), Chochmah (blue), and Binah (red) become Partzufim by themselves.  See the white circle at the top containing a small Tree of Life?  Keter is the source and union of all the other Sefirot.  See the Hebrew letter Yod in the blue circle?  Yod is associated with Chochmah.  See the letter Heh in the red circle?  Heh is associated with Binah.   

The next six Sefirot together become a Partzuf associated with Tiferet.  This is represented by the yellow circle in the center of the picture.  See the letter Wow (Vav) inside of it?  Wow represents the Partzuf of Tiferet

The lowest Sefirah, Malchut becomes a Partzuf herself.   See the small letter Heh inside of it?  The final Heh of the Name YHWH is associated with Malchut.

You can read more about the Partzufim in my pictures The Family Tree of Life, Blessing the Family, Partners in Creation, as well as in the Teaching section - The Family of Partzufim.

Acrylic on paper
60 x 50 cm