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Kosmic Knots

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This picture and Kosmic Chambers share an influence from the amazing art of M. C. Escher and are both based on the Sacred Geometry that is expressed in the order of the Twenty-two Hebrew Letters according to Sefer Yetzirah.

This design is also reminiscent of Celtic Knots.  Look at the center of this picture and see how inside the central ring are Three Shins in the primary colors - yellow, blue and red (going clockwise from the top).  Here, as in my picture Kosmic Chambers, the two outer 'arms' of each Shin is shared with its neighbors. 

The shared 'arms' here reach out and form three 'rings' of secondary colors - green, purple and orange (going clockwise).  See how the red part of the large triangle - pointing up to the black dot above - goes over the green ring; the yellow part of this triangle goes over the purple ring; and the blue part of the triangle goes over the orange ring?  Red and green; yellow and purple; and blue and orange are complementary.  

Notice three primary-colored smaller rings between the larger complementary-colored rings that link them together.  So there are a total of Six rings besides the Seventh central ring that represents the Holy Palace precisely in the center and linking them all in a Kosmic Knot.

Outward from the tops of these three rings are the points of the second large triangle that is hard to see, but it is pointing down to the black dot below and completing the large six-pointed Star of David that can be seen here.

Around the outside is a chromatic color-wheel formed with Twelve colors.  Starting from the yellow on top, it goes clockwise through the cool colors (greens and blues); then indigo and violet on the bottom; then through the warm colors (reds and oranges); and finally coming back around to the yellow on top.