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Infinite Eight

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Numbers are an important part of the Kabbalah.  Seven is used to represent time and space.  This can be seen in my pictures ‘The Seven Days of Creation’ and ‘The Holy Palace’.  Eight represents beyond time and space - the realm of the Infinite and the Eternal - the realm of miracles and the supernatural. 

Abraham made a covenant (brit) with the Infinite Eternal One, and was thus told to circumcise his male children on the eighth day of their lives.  This brit is a sign that Eternity and Infinity will be a part of the lives of Abraham’s children forever.  The Hanukah menorah that miraculously burned for eight days also represents our connection with the Eternal Light of God.
The figure eight, when placed on its side, is the mathematical symbol for Infinity.  It is also a Mobius strip.  If you take a strip of paper and join its two sides forming a ring, you will see that it has two sides - an inside and an outside.  But if you twist one end of the strip before you join the two ends, you make a Mobius strip.  This is a mathematical shape that has just one side because there is no longer an inside and outside here - the inside and outside are one.  If you cut The Mobius strip that you have made length-wise in half all the way through, you don’t get two separate strips of paper like you would if you cut a ring in half length-wise - you get one longer Mobius strip (with two twists in it now).  Try it. 
Hidden in the multicolored figure eight in this picture is the first Hebrew letter, Aleph א.  The gematria (number value) of the letter Aleph is one.  The gematria of the Hebrew word for ‘one’ (echad אחד) is thirteen. 

Look at the large yellow diagonal section in the middle of the picture.  See how six warm-colored segments (violets, reds and oranges) go up from it and then curve around to the yellow at the top left.  Six cool-colored segments (indigos, blues, and greens) go down from the middle of the yellow diagonal and then curve around to the yellow at the bottom right.  The thirteen segments of this Infinite Eight represent how the above and the below; the inside and the outside; the warm and the cool; the right and the left are One.