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Face to Face or Back to Back

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The large smiling figure at the top of this picture represents Adam witnessing the human dynamic as expressed in the Lurianic Tree of Life.  With every human couple there are times when they see 'eye to eye' and agree about how to conduct their relationship and how to educate their children.  This 'face to face' relationship is loving (relating with Chesed) and brings happiness - thus the  faces facing each other are smiling.

There are also times when couples don't agree and turn away from each other.  This 'back to back' relationship comes from different judgments of the situations they are dealing with at these times. This inability to reach unity (because they are relating with Gevurah) brings anger and unhappiness - thus the faces turning away from each other are sad.

The effects of both are transmitted to the child in the lower part of this picture.   See how this child contains both aspects in his personality?  When this child grows up this dynamic will continue.  Moving more toward Chesed Love and less Gevurah Judgment is an important part of Tikkun Olam - repairing ourselves and healing our world.