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Ezekiel Meditation

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This painting illustrates a Kabbalistic meditation that was described to me by a very successful and spiritual friend.  The prophet Ezekiel saw a vision of the Merkava (God's Chariot or Vehicle).  The Kabbalah teaches that every human being becomes a Merkava by aligning oneself to God.  The Sefirotic Tree of Life is a map we can use to help us connect to God's Light and Love.  The Tree of Life in this meditation is formed with Thirteen Sefirot - a motif I have used in several paintings.  These form two Magen Davids (Stars of David) inbedded in two spheres that become an figure eight - also a motif I have used (see my Infinite Eight picture).   Thirteen is the gematria (number value) of the Hebrew word for One (אחד) Echad and Love (אהבה) Ahava.  And putting One Love together we get twenty-six - the gematria of the Tetragrammaton - the Eternal Name of God (יהוה).

This is how my friend beautifully described his meditation when he asked me to illustrate it for him:

"My morning begins in prayer with tefillin on.  I usually sit when I am in meditation, and I'm still wearing tefilin.

First, I start at the top and bring the energy down to each of my shoulder areas and open the energy (with the Tetragrammaton).  That is the first triangle, if you will.  The top triangle.

Second, from my heart I rise to my temples/forehead to create the second triangle (also with the Tetragrammaton at each point). This creates the first Magen David.

Third, I come back to my heart and go down to my sexual area and open the two energy regions on each side (also with the Tetragrammaton).  This creates the first triangle of the second Star.

Fourth, I come from the base up to each side of my abdomen to create the fourth triangle (also with the Tetragrammaton).  This creates the second Magen David.

Fifth, I feel the center of the upper Magen David and open that up (with the Tetragrammaton).  I call this center my intuition/third eye.

Sixth, I find the center of the lower Magen David and open that (with the Tetragrammaton).  I call this center the power region (represented in my picture by the clasped hands)

Seventh,  I allow those two Stars (which are now reflecting each other) to become spheres and rotate in opposite directions (they are mirrors, if you will).

And, eighth, I connect the two spheres with the Infinite energy loop (figure eight) signaling the interconnectedness between the two spheres wrapping them as with a moving tallis.

Finally, in each and every aspect of this I always come back to my heart with the Tetragrammaton as the core of everything I am.  This is where I always start and where I always end. The Name is truly everything - especially when it is applied to the heart.  It's the key that unlocks the door and releases the Love."

I was very happy to have the opportunity to illustrate this meditation.  This image  can be used as a focus or aid in meditation - thus the figure seen here is a mirror for the viewer.  Thus the arm tefilin is on 'our' left.  In the description above, the horizontal lines of the two Magen Davids are not described.  The diagonals lines are seen here with orange and white arrows for the downward movement of energy; and green and white arrows for the upward movement of energy.  The four horizontal lines have dark purple and yellow arrows, and they represent four levels of our being or Four Worlds.