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Engrave Yah

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In the Kabbalah, the Hebrew Letters Yod (י) and Heh (ה) represent Chochmah (Wisdom) and Binah (Understanding).

The Hebrew word חקק Chakak that can be seen in the white beam of Light coming down from the top of this picture means, ‘engrave’.  Notice that there are several containers, one inside the other. The Sefer Yetzirah begins by saying that Yah יה - a Name of God - ‘engraved’ and created the Universe.  This relates to how the kabbalists speak of Creation as Tzimtzum צמצום, a contraction of the Infinite Light that engraves or carves out a space, or makes a container for finite existence.  The purpose of Creation is for us to expand our consciousness and be able to be aware of God’s Infinite Light.

The more we ‘engrave’ Wisdom and Understanding in our consciousness, the more we are able to contain and hold the Infinite Light.