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Chaos and Order

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To create this picture I first put down many layers of acrylic paint in a random chaotic pattern of brush strokes without any intentional plan or order.  Then I put down horizontal stripes of acrylic paint watered-down until it is transparent.  Chaos always underlies Order.  Chaos is also bigger and more interesting than Order.  The Kabbalah teaches about the Primordial World of Chaos that was much higher than the World of Tikkun.  It was so high it couldn’t hold the light and succeed in creating the Universe.  The World of Tikkun (Atzilut, etc.) is on a lower level, but it works - it is able to hold a smaller amount of light and then build up from there.
Non-straight lines are related to Chaos.  They are more interesting artistically than straight lines, but because there are an infinite amount of different non-straight lines, non-straight lines are very difficult to build with.  Randomly shaped bricks, floor tiles, pieces of glass fit together with great difficultly. 
All straight lines are the same, and are thus easy to build with.  Bricks, tiles and pieces of glass that have straight edges fit together with ease.  That is why straight lines are associated with Order.  The combination of both created an interesting composition here and an interesting Universe in general.