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Blessing the Family

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This picture is based on the Partzufim (Faces of God) that are an important feature of the Lurianic Kabbalah taught in 16th Century Zefat by Rabbi Isaac Luria, also known as the Ari.  It is similar my picture ‘The Family Tree of Life’.
The large face at the top represents Arich Anpin (the Large Face of God) a Grandfather filled with unconditional love.  He blesses him children through Abba and Imma (the Father and the Mother)  the Partzufim that are on his arms.  God’s unconditional love is brought down and diminished through smaller aspects of Abba and Imma called Yisrael Saba and Tevunah I and even smaller aspects called Yisrael Saba and Tevunah II.  
Arich Anpin is associated with Keter (Crown)
Abba and Imma are associated with Chochmah (Wisdom)
Yisrael Saba and TevunahI are associated with Binah (Understanding)
Yisrael Saba and Tevunah II are associated with Daat (Knowledge).
Arich Anpin’s hands rest upon the head of a dark-haired figure that represents Zeir Anpin (the Small, Conditional, Judgmental Face of God).  He is made from the six Sefirot that are often simply called Tiferet (Beauty or Harmony).  When he is mature, he is blessed by all the Partzufim above him, giving him a ‘crown of enlightenment’ upon his head.
The hands of Zeir Anpin rest upon the head of a female figure with reddish hair representing Partzuf Nukva, the Shechinah (the Feminine Face of God that dwells in us). 
When Zeir Anpin is mature he is called Israel, and when he is immature he is called Jacob.  In the story in Genesis, Jacob married two sisters Leah and Rachel.  In the Kabbalah, both sisters represent the Shechinah.  Leah being the older sister is a higher aspect of the Shechinah who is on the level of Israel (Zeir Anpin).  She is thus standing next to him in this picture.  Rachel, the younger sister is a lower but primary aspect of Nukva.   That is why she is in the center position in this picture.  Jacob is on her level and thus is standing next to her.
Another way of interpreting this picture is to see the large figure as Adam; his shoulders as Abraham and Sarah; his arms as Isaac and Rebecca who give of themselves and bless the union of Israel with Leah, and Rachel with Jacob.

Arich Anpin

Imma              Abba
(Sarah                Abraham)
Tevunah I              Yisrael Saba I
(Rebecca                     Isaac)
Tevunah II              Yisrael Saba II
(blessing the union of)
Leah       Israel
Rachel    Jacob