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Astrology Chart

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An old friend of mine who is an expert in astrology (among other things) was visiting and explained some aspects of astrology I was not familiar with by sketching out a small diagram that was the basis for this painting.

I included in this chart (from the outermost circle and going inward) the names of the Jewish months and human aspects associated with them, from Sefer Yetzirah;

whether this sign is cardinal, fixed or mutable (the first, middle or last month of the season); the names of the astrological signs;

their symbol;

whether it is a fire, earth, air or water sign;

the first four months of this 12-month cycle is 'primal' associated with embryonic development of self, the next four are 'individual' associated with developing one's individual personality, and the last four months are 'universal' associated with a self that is involved with world-centric global concerns;

the Hebrew letter from the Twelve Simple letters of Sefer Yetzirah that are associated with the months;

and finally the seasons.