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Aleph Sunrise

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The sun and the sea in this picture tell us that the Heavens and the Earth are One - the gematria (number value) of the first Hebrew letter Aleph א.  Do you see this letter Aleph in the circle here?
This scene can either be a sunrise or sunset, but we know that it is not the sun rising or setting, it is the earth spinning relative to the sun. 

Modern science has united the Heavens and the Earth for us by seeing that both obey the same Newtonian laws of motion.   Later, Albert Einstein united Energy and Matter into one for us with his famous equation E=mc2, which means that Energy is Matter and Matter is Energy.

Here, I use hot colors and Fire to represent Energy; and cold colors and Water to represent Matter.
Heaven and Earth; Energy and Matter, Fire and Water, Outside and Inside, are One.