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Aleph: 2 Yods, 2 Hehs and 2 Wows

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The shape of the letter Aleph is comprised of an upper part (actually a Hebrew letter Yod); a lower part (an upside-down Yod; and a diagonal part (actually a Hebrew letter Vav or Wow, which means ‘and’).   The diagonal Wow unites the two Yods and makes them One (the numerical value of Aleph).

The upper Yod represents the Heavens; the lower Yod represents the Earth; and the diagonal Wow represents the Atmosphere between them.  The gematria (number value) of Yod (10) Wow (6) Yod (10) is 26 - the same as the gematria of the four letters of the Name of God YHWH.  This Name means the Eternal Present - Was, Is, and Will Be.  Thus the two Yods of the Aleph can represent the past and the future; the Wow would then represent the present.

In this painting I placed a large blue Heh ה surrounding the upper red Yod of the Aleph; and a large upside-down red Heh surrounding the blue upside-down Yod of the Aleph.  By extending both ends of the yellow Wow I made it into two Wows - one facing up and one facing down.  Aleph represents non-dual unity or how two opposites are united and really just one.  So, too, in the Holy Name of God, the past and the present are united in this present moment - where Eternity is always Present.

Acrylic on paper
60 x 50 cm