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The Abuhav Synagogue

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The Abuhav Synagogue is one of the most beautiful ancient synagogues in Safed. Rabbi Yitzchak Abuhav was a leader of the Spanish Jewish community expelled from Spain in 1492.  He died on his way to the Holy Land.  The synagogue was built by his students to house his personal Torah scroll which is still read three times a year.

A legend claims that this synagogue was actually built in Spain before the Expulsion and then magically transported to Safed.

I painted this picture from two photographs I took many years ago, one with the camera pointing upward; and one with the camera pointing downward.  I then took the two photographs, taped them together and painted this picture from them.  I had learned in art school that a picture looking upward and downward at the same time has a lot of depth in its perspective.

There is a teaching that in prayer one should have his eyes facing downward and his heart facing upward, and that is a nice focus in meditation as well.